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Pierre Frey, an eclectic French House

The Maison Pierre Frey is inventive and deeply eclectic. Drawing inspiration from the past as well as from around the world, creating daring, contemporary collections whose materials, motifs and colors take one back into history and off on a unique voyage.


A family-run House for three generations, it was founded in Paris in 1935 and named after its creator, Pierre Frey, specialized in upholstery fabrics. In 1937, the company moved to 47 rue des Petits-Champs, where Patrick Frey took over as artistic director in 1969. Today he runs the company with his three sons, Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu, to whom he has transmitted his passion and his quest for excellence. 



Creation by Pierre Frey

Thanks to his experience with different upholstery fabric manufacturers, Pierre Frey, working with designer Jean Chatanay, decided to set up his own company specialized in fabrics. Pierre Frey became a creator, vendor, manager and delivery man.


International growth

After the war, Pierre Frey was fixated on one idea - working with the United States. His efforts were rewarded in the 1950s alongside excellent growth in Europe. Pierre Frey made his name as one of the leading French players in upholstery fabrics.


A new vision

In a more tumultous economic context, Patrick Frey joined the House at his father's request. His innate feeling for the product and his global vision enabled him to open new avenues of development: audacious and high-quality creations, a comprehensive decoration concept, marketing expertise and the opening the company's own showrooms.


Pierre Frey, a House

Pierre Frey joined the Comité Colbert to work toward promoting French know-how and luxury abroad. The Comité Colbert assembles French Houses that share the same values: excellence, quality, know-how and creativity.


The growth of accessories

In the 80s, Patrick Frey designed and launched an entire line of accessories coordinated to go with the House's fabrics. He further developed the concept in the 90s by signing licensing agreements with Flipo, Grange, Delorme and Deshoulières. 


Pierre Frey, manufacturer

Pierre Frey acquired the Denimal weaving mill in northern France, with which they had been working since the 1950s. Particularly recognized for its expertise in weaving wools and high-performance outdoor textiles, it is now certified by the "EPV" government label that highlights its traditional know-how and capacity for innovation.


Braquenié, the son's gift to his father

Patrick Frey had always known of his father's deep admiration of Braquenié fabrics, so when he learned that it was threatened with closure he positioned himself to take over the historic House.  This was the Maison Pierre Frey's first step in the protection of France's textile heritage.


Patrick Frey, a committed esthete

The 2000s brought the acquisition of several iconic French and Italian Houses - Boussac and Fadini-Borghi in 2004, and Le Manach in 2013. Patrick Frey thus preserved fabulous textile collections and breathed new life into the Houses both artistically and through the transmission of their know-how. 

Pierre Frey today

Creation and excellence in production are the guiding principles behind the House's strategy today, with a desire to offer a real signature extended to wallpapers, rugs, carpets and furniture. The French art de vivre nourished by culture and mixtures.


The Pierre Frey heritage collection brings together thousands of documents and reveals the creative process of a fabric maker: from the sources of inspiration to the fabrics, as well as technical developments in design and prints. It is constantly being enriched with new acquisitions, keeping it alive at the heart of the creative approach.

Geneviève Prou, mère de Patrick Frey, créa ce motif en 1938. Il fut édité sous l’appellation Les Papillons et décliné à l'époque en deux variantes : fond noir et blanc. La maison Frey conserve différents essais de support : percale, voile, toile. En 2004, il est re-édité en trois variantes.

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Des chevaux lancés au galop pour une composition tout en mouvement. Un rêve éveillé... Reproduction de l'oeuvre de Fontaine en 1947. Collection capsule Vincent Darré.

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Comme au XVIII eme siècle, les imprimés se font parfois l'écho d’événements importants. C'est le cas de ce tissu qui reproduit par impression des clichés de la surface de la Lune explorée par Neil Armstrong en juillet 1969.

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APOLLO - 1971