Glossary of textile decoration


A traditional Indonesian method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process on either the warp or weft fibres, prior to the threads being woven to create the final pattern or design. The emblematic Ikat fuzzyness is achieved by dyeing warp fibres.


A woven fabric with large and vividly coloured stripes that create a contrast with the background. The fabric is also adorned with figured patterns. Example: Vitozzi. See a product


A fabric with a weave or a pattern whose colours are ton sur ton, thereby creating the illusion that the fabric is plain. Example: Albano F2374, Moustiers F2588, Océan F2405 See a product


Refers to a deep shade of blue. Indigo dye is made from a plant called True Indigo. Fabrics dyed in indigo bleed massively. As a consequence, they have to be soaked in vinegar to stabilize the colour. Indigo is particularly popular for Paisley or geometrical patterned panels, to be used as bedspreads, curtains or table spreads. See a product