Glossary of textile decoration


The art of dressing up bedsprings has become integral to home decorating. Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, valance sheets will enhance both your bed and your bedroom. See also Bedskirt.


Refers to a single combination of colours based on the original design and colouring. When a print or a fabric is available in various colour palettes, each of them is called a “variation”.


Refers to a fabric loop and hook fastener that allows to hold a blind two pieces together : a blind to a window, a slipcover to a sofa, or a fringe to an armchair. It is ideal for fast and discreet yet decorative fastening.


Refers to prestigious kind of woven and tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile. Velvet was already imported from Asia as far back as the Middle Ages. It is an absolute decoration classic, and some cannot even consider upholstering a seat with anything else than velvet. Genoa velvet features large patterns, embossed or crushed velvet are also very popular thanks to their patterns, which are produced by press relief printing the velvet fabric with copper cylinders. Plain velvet is also widespread, and available in silk, cotton, wool, mohair, linen, not to mention very interesting printed velvet fabrics. Thanks to the unique texture of velvet, motifs appear deep and catch the light like no other fabric. Velvets are the best choice for heavy-duty uses, except for precious and highly fragile silk velvet. See a product


Refers to a cotton fabric that can be classified as a type of flannel. This plain weave fabric is brushed to give it a fluffy appearance and soft touch.


Refers to a two-coloured checked cloth made popular by Brigitte Bardot. Traditionnaly used as rustic looking, typically white and red, table cloth, it is today available in many colours, and lends itself wonderfully to Gustavian-style or Early American-inspired interiors. We like its simple and fresh look. See Checks entry. See a product


Refers to a wood-based artificial material, which easily blends with other fibres and allows more shine and hang. Its hard-wearing quality significantly decreases when wet (potential shrinkage) but retains notable insulating and absorbing qualities, and remains crease-resistant. It is flammable like cotton. Example: Collobrière. See a product