Innovation in creation
Marcel Boussac has remained legendary for his intuitive and creative genius. The son of a clothing manufacturer, he showed exceptional commercial vision, establishing his eponymous brand in 1934. An essential figure of the French entrepreneurial landscape, he was an icon of the textile industry in the 1950s and truly revolutionized French fabric. Expertise, innovation and anticipation of the market made up his triple winning formula. Extremely meticulous, Marcel Boussac refused to compromise on quality and constantly invested in high-performance equipment. With an exacting technique and new patterns for a younger clientele, he had exceptional success right up to the 1960s.

In 2004, Pierre Frey acquired Boussac with the idea of awakening the sleeping beauty. Along with the revival of the basic approach of this illustrious but somewhat forgotten House, Pierre Frey decided to add innovation, originality and mastery of the manufacturing process. Both experimental and contemporary, Boussac’s latest collections highlight new materials, as well as an innovative approach to stylish decoration. Stretch virgin wools, 3D printing, jacquards with subtle mixes of various fibers, quilted materials and sophisticated plain fabrics with refined textural effects are brand basics. Boussac pushes back the limits of textile creation while keeping in mind comfort, quality of execution and ease of use.
mainson de boussac