The Italian timeless luxury
In 2004, Pierre Frey acquired Fadini Borghi, which arose from the 1975 merger of the two Italian editors in the company's name. Throughout a history that began in the early twentieth century, Fadini Borghi has continued to enhance the magical, unique thread known as silk. With a unique heritage including fabrics that date from the sixteenth century, the House of Fadini Borghi makes stunning interpretations of great Italian classics from the past and proposes more contemporary fabrics. Damasks, velvets and lampas rub shoulders with contemporary plain and tone-on-tone fabrics that are all designed to enhance the silk they are made from. Thus, past and present intermix, united by delicate color harmonies that allow clients to follow their desires and give life to traditional or contemporary lifestyle settings.

In 2017, the illustrious italian fabric house will celebrate its 70th anniversary. In the 70 years since Osvlado Fadini started his company, the house of Fadini Borghi has become the indisputable reference for all things silk and has always cultivated a certain sense of Italian pomp.
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