R7000048 ARTIGNY
Plain, Cottons
Substantial range of 109 colours for this washable pure cotton cloth.
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Coton/Cotton : 100%

Technical information
Weight : 480 gr
Width: 150 cm / 59.05 inch

Abrasion test >T 45 000
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Products and services intended for the hotel industry
The House of Pierre Frey has worked for the largest hotels in the world for more than 50 years and therefore its Department exclusively reserved for professionals undertakes to offer the best products and services available.
More than 700 patterns and 7,000 products
Accessories, mats, carpets, lamps, sofas, etc.
A very large range of fabrics adapted to all your creative projects
The strength of a design house
Each of the 4 House of Pierre Frey brands offers an original style that based on a proven tradition that dates back several decades.
- Pierre Frey will lead you to more up-to-date projects with graphic lines and noble materials;
- You will dress conventional hotels that have the charm of the French culture with Braquenié;
- Fadini Borghi will make you radiant thanks to its baroque fabrics and flamboyant silks;
- Lastly, Boussac will have you benefit from its practical sense to add colour to the hotel industry.
You could of course break away from the styles and opt for unexpected mixtures between tradition and modernity.
One thing is certain, you will definitely find the fabrics you have dreamed of among the House of Pierre Frey's 7,000 products and one of the largest stocks in the profession.
Fabrics adapted to the specific needs of the international hotel industry
Pierre Frey, with 1,000 non-inflammable fabric lines in Trevira CS, has the broadest offer on the market.
A "technical" offer that goes hand in hand with collections designed to meet major demands and available wide widths of 300 cm: for the interior and exterior, washable fabrics, resistant to air and light, treated against mildew, fire-resistant, mite-proof, etc.
A Pure Nature organic line that meets the new environmental standards.
Products that dress everything in the room: curtains, seat fabrics, wall coverings, wallpaper, bedspreads, netting and opaque, and exterior fabrics.
Pierre Frey makes cuts and square samples available to you. We will send them to you in the shortest possible time frame to help you with your choice.
Customised mats and carpets
Taking full advantage of the historical expertise of Braquenié, the House of Pierre Frey has, for the past 20 years, made mats and carpets for some of the most prestigious hotels worldwide. In this way, by using our archives and according to your project's budget or style, we will meet all of your Wilton, Tuft or Axminster mat and carpet requests.
Furniture for the prestige hotel industry
The House of Pierre Frey also offers a wide choice of decorative furniture and accessories:
- bedspreads, car rugs, cushions, etc. All our accessories are created from our most attractive fabrics;
- a line of Pierre Frey furniture that can be made to measure* ;
- a collection of lamps.
*All our sofas can be fashioned at "hotel quality" non-inflammable foam.
Solutions adapted to your budget
Our collections offer you wide price ranges: from entry-level products to the most sophisticated fabrics. If necessary, we can study a reduction in the number of colours in the printed fabrics, or simplifying the media to meet your budgetary restrictions.
A manufacturing department capable of considerable flexibility in production
In addition to fashioning bedspreads and curtains, we can in particular study "made-to-measure" colours for you, weaving, prints, and specific finishing under special production. All original designs or symbols – e.g. your customer's logo – can be reproduced. Some fabrics in our collections can be adapted to Trevira CS.
Specialists at your service
Specialised in-house contacts are permanently at your disposal. This international team in all major cities around the world (London, New York, Dubai, Turin, Munich, etc.) guarantees availability, reactivity and reliability to guide you to the optimal result.
The embossing of upholstery fabrics is an ornamental technique used to create a pattern that is either raised in thick fabrics (velvet) or sheen in fine fabrics (cloth).
This exceptional expertise, developed in the 18th Century by the Manufactures Royales d’Amiens, is part of the tradition of grand French decoration and is based on a historical collection of engraved cylinders.
Embossed fabrics are used to personalise decoration and are suitable for covering seats or making curtains and tapestries. Embossing is customised according to two choices: that of the fabric and the desired design. The extensive range of embossing patterns as well as the wide variety of fabrics and colours available offer an infinite number of possible combinations.
In this way a considerable and constantly updated selection is made available to customers.
We will emboss, on request, the fabric that you choose from our collections.
What is the procedure?
The embossing cylinders are either 130-140cm wide or 60cm wide for the 18th Century cylinders.
Choose your fabric from our collections, then choose your embossing pattern.
For 60cm wide patterns, order your metering from the 130/140 cm fabric, the fabric will be cut in two widths then delivered embossed in two cuts of equal length.
Example: 5 metres of 130cm wide Louis 13th Embossing: the fabric will be delivered in two 60 cm wide cuts of 5 linear metres.
For further information on embossing, please contact our sales department.
In the Appendix:
Embossing on fabrics made of synthetic fibres is permanent. For embossing on fabrics made from natural fibres (cotton, wool, linen, silk, etc.) or artificial fibres (acetate, viscose, etc.), splashed water, high humidity or very frequent rubbing may alter the design.
  Composition Width G/ml Minimum metering in a cut Withdrawal Test per cut
Embossings   60cm/24’’
130, 140cm / 51’’
Flame-retardant 100% cotton – linen – viscose - silk 80cm @ 145cm
31’’@ 57’’
<255g/ml >15ml/16.40y +/- 2% 15cm
Overestimation Polyester & acrylic >145cm
>255g/ml <15ml/16.40y    
  100% cotton – linen – viscose - silk 185cm @ 290 cm
73’’ @ 114’’
<620g/ml 10ml/10.9y +/- 2% 15cm
Overestimation Polyester & acrylic   >620g/ml 10ml/10.9y    
Stain-proof or waterproof 100% cotton or viscose 100cm @ 150 cm
39’’ @ 59’’
<255g/ml 10ml/10.9y +/- 1.5% 15cm
  Other compositions & Moorish work – Test         15cm
Overestimation     >255g/ml <10ml/10.9y    
Decating 100% cotton 100cm @ 150 cm
39’’ @ 59’’
<255g/ml 10ml/10.9y +/- 5.5% 15cm
Overestimation     >255g/ml <10ml/10.9y    
Paper lamination On paper 120 @ 145 cm
47’’ @ 57’’
  25ml / 27.3 y 1ml / 1.09y  
Lamination on non-woven media 100% polyamide
51g / m2
>150 cm / 59’’   25ml / 27.3 y 1ml / 1.09y  


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