About the Maison


As the main French company in the home textiles sector, Pierre Frey is also a family business with a history of passion for interior decoration that has been handed down for three generations. Honoring the past and turned toward the future, Patrick Frey relied successively on his three sons—Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu—to lead and to expand the scope of the company on the basis of a shared appreciation of love for work well done, careful attention to detail and inspired creation.

Our commitments

A member of the Colbert Committee since 1976, Pierre Frey is one of 81 French luxury goods companies that have joined together to promote, in France and internationally, their commitment to combining tradition and modernity, know-how and creative skill, history and innovation.

An eclectic knowledge for fabrics

Founded in 1935, Maison Pierre Frey creates and produces fabrics by taking inspiration from classical and contemporary art or from faraway ethnic groups, always interpreting it in a very French style. This artistic sensitivity led the company to acquire the Braquenié, Boussac, Fadini Borghi and Le Manach textile companies in the nineties, making it possible to offer customers styles that range from classic to contemporary.

Multiple expertise

For several years, Pierre Frey has been expanding its product offer and opening its creativity to new areas of expression, including wallpaper and wall coverings, made-to-measure rugs and carpeting, and furniture.

The Archives


Building the future is based on understanding the past. Created in 2003, the archives department conserves, inventories and promotes an exceptional collection of over 25,000 documents, dating from the sixteenth century to the present. Based on the Pierre Frey archives, the collection now includes the archives of Braquenié, Boussac, Fadini Borghi and Le Manach. These archives are living and continue to be enriched with regular acquisitions. They can be used by anyone to find a source of inspiration or a sales argument based on historical reality or to round out knowledge. For the studio, the goal is not necessarily to make an identical reproduction of a document, but to use it as an inspiration that feeds contemporary creation.

Discover the whole project

Ambition with an international dimension

In direct contact with the sector of activity, Maison Pierre Frey works to reconcile its presence in France with the ability to meet the needs of local customers. Aware of the rise of international interior decoration projects, the company adjusts its level of service to the cultural dimension of its contacts and has built a network of numerous subsidiaries, representative offices and showrooms in France and abroad.