Passionate about their business, Patrick, Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu Frey have strong convictions and stand together in committing to company culture.

Arts & Culture

Inspired creation Creation is the company keyword. It is venerated, esteemed and sought-after. How can this be explained? By the intimate link that Patrick Frey and his sons maintain with art. Educated in painting, architecture and music, they are also tireless travelers, who are curious about the world and immersed in its cultures. This shared artistic sensitivity and the conviction that creation feeds creation have also enabled Maison Pierre Frey to work on collaborations with artists from a broader environment.

Social Responsability

Made in France. Known as an editor, the company is also very committed as a French manufacturer. In 1989, Maison Pierre Frey acquired a weaving studio in the north of France, where weavers, knotters, warpers and gluers produce 30% of the company’s textiles. More recently, the company took over one of the oldest French furniture manufacturers. It is located at Villers-Cotterêts in the Hauts de France region and has a team of 20 cabinetmakers, joiners, varnishers and upholsterers. In this way, Pierre Frey participates in safeguarding the employment of men and women with precious know-how.

Craftmanship & Know-how

Weave, embroider, emboss, flatbed-print and hand knot or carefully trace, shape, dye and upholster: each skill is based on the transmission of a living tradition that is still an inspiration. Maison Pierre Frey is committed to safeguarding these ancestral processes and rare know-how. The company’s weaving workshops have the “Living Heritage Company” label, its hand-weaver is a recognized expert and partners are always selected on the basis of cutting-edge artisanal expertise.

Safeguarding and transmitting heritage

The responsibility of a luxury goods company

Objects are strongly connected to the society that produces them. A motif, a weave or the form of a chair give us valuable insights about the way our ancestors lived. During its history, Maison Pierre Frey has acquired several emblematic French brands, and these acquisitions have enabled avoiding the dispersion of fabulous heritage collections. In their way, these collections testify to the evolution of taste and lifestyle over the decades. To safeguard, inventory and enhance these little-known collections, the company created an archives department in 2003, since Maison Pierre Frey feels that luxury goods companies have the responsibility of fitting into history and transmitting it.

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