Custom-made fabrics


To meet the specific needs of numerous special orders, Pierre Frey places the finely honed expertise of its textile engineers at your disposal.

A dedicated team of engineers

Virginie and Noémie—who are both graduates of ITECH Lyon—have cutting-edge knowledge of the industry and master all techniques for the development of special fabrics. These genuine experts participate in all projects using a detailed commercial approach and great professionalism in defining the project specifications. They provide solutions to all criteria, whether concerning a deadline, technical specifications, compliance with a standard or the budget.

Treatments & Customization

The services offered by Pierre Frey include a range of easy-to-implement treatments: the application of flame retardant, stain-resistant coating, a large array of embossed or paper-backed designs.

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This treatment consists of dipping the fabric in a flame retardant bath. It gives the fabric non-combustible or flame-retardant properties. This treatment is subject to a specific classification depending on the project and intended use. Several types of treatments are available to comply with the French M1 standards, the British BS 5852 Crib 5 or 5867 Part 2 standards, and the European EN 1021 -1 -2 standards.
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This decorative technique is used to customize a fabric by creating a relief motif. This mechanical process involves running the fabric between two heated cylinders, where the drawing is engraved in hollow on one of the cylinders and in relief on the other. This provides subtlety and shine to the fabric, whether thick or thin.
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The water-repellent stain-proofing treatment is a coating applied to the surface of the fibers. Without altering the feel of the textile, it efficiently prevents dirt from penetrating into the fabric, thereby allowing easy cleaning.

Special productions

On a more refined level, the Special Orders Department offers the creation of unique items, right from the start of the project, either by using specific fibers or by creating a customized design.

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Certain projects may require the adaptation of our designs (models in our collection or archive documents) into fabrics woven with Trevira CS fibers. Pierre Frey has entered into a partnership with this patented brand to achieve the highest standard.
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High Performance Outdoor fabrics. Using expertise which is unique in Europe, Pierre Frey guarantees the color-fastness of its outdoor textiles for 2 years. It has developed a formula which is unequaled on the market, combining different types of fibers and specific color pigments to guarantee the total resistance of the colors to light over time.
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The eclecticism of the House’s brands, as well as its extraordinary heritage archives, enable the Special Orders Department to offer an infinite number of designs and motifs that can be reproduced, resized, transposed onto other backings, or combined in various ways. Adaptations are proposed in keeping with the scope of the project: aesthetics, materials, cost, etc.
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By drawing inspiration from the House’s crollections or archives, or from an external document, you can produce a unique creation. The House guides the project with its designers, from the model to be designed to its textile creation, along with the choice of the materials.


The 25,000 documents from the House’s heritage archives—drawing boards, fabrics and clothing from the 16th century to the present—open up all possibilities. A piece of chiseled velvet may inspire a new Toile de Tours fabric, the backing of a brocaded lampas may inspire a semi-plain silk, a chinoiserie on velvet may inspire a tone-on-tone jacquard, etc.

  • Identical replica of a damask
  • Adaptation of a chiseled velvet into a Toile De Tours
  • Color change cut velvet
  • An updated brocaded lampas
  • Restoration of the bottom of a lampas
  • Transposition of a chinoiserie


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