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Glossary of decoration


An armless sofa is composed of a seat and a backrest but does not have armrests.


An armchair is a chair for one person, composed of a backrest, seat and two armrests. An armchair is generally larger than a regular chair (by about a third). The height of the seat is lounge height.


The armrest is the side part of a chair where the forearms are placed.


The armrest pad is the stuffed cushion located in the middle of a chair armrest.


On a chair, the armrest bracket is the part that attaches the seat to the armrest crossbar. It is also known as an armrest support.


A chair arm is the side part where users place their forearms.


The chair apron is the horizontal part of the structure forming the frame. It connects the chair legs to the upper part of the structure.


The «Aquasoft» quality has a soft, light and supple appearance. It looks like and has the same feel of cotton. The colours have a matt finish. Premium Polypropylene fibres have very good characteristics in terms of colour fastness and resistance. The aquasoft quality is adapted to residential projects, or even to moderate traffic, depending on the choice of the backing.


The «Aquastrong» quality is thicker and more rustic than the aquasoft quality. It is made from large polyester fibre ropes that give a technical aspect to the rugs. The use of fancy yarns make them truly modern. Aquastrong quality has excellent properties for outdoor use, with ideal certifications for use from residential to heavy traffic and contract. This quality is also perfectly suited for yachting and spas.


AXMINSTER woven were developed in England during the Industrial Revolution to reduce the cost of carpet manufacturing. It is a weaving technique on mechanical looms. It is reserved for large quantities and large widths. The yarns and the number of threads are suitable for intensive use in hotels, restaurants, retail shops or offices in particular. The designs are generally composed of repetitive patterns and in a limited number of colours, but it is possible, at Pierre Frey, to produce large designs with placed patterns containing up to 12 colours. Technically, the appearance of the velvet is always cut and the material used is composed of 80% wool, 20% polyamide.