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Custom-made rugs


On the strength of the extraordinary heritage of the Braquenié design archives, Pierre Frey is well qualified to create exceptional rugs, offering support and a unique source of inspiration for each project.

Design office expertise

Our experienced, specialized staff hold diplomas in textile design and architecture. Their training, creativity and talent go hand-in-hand with perfect mastery of the various production techniques, types of finish (textures, shearing, sculpture, etc.) and material renderings (wool, silk, linen, cotton and mixes). Through their proposals, they take part in all projects with professionalism and state-of-the arts tools.

The projects

For special orders, our design office know-how enables us to work on all types of projects in accordance with planned usage and type of setting and ensures that we are able to adapt to precise specifications.

Residential premises
A broad palette of techniques are used for private hallways, villas, apartments, jets and yachts and are based on hand and machine tufting, contemporary processes that allow the creation of beautiful rugs in less time and for a lower budget than traditional weaving techniques.

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Residential premises
Prestigious places
We frequently use artisanal manufacturing and traditional and manual techniques to reproduce old rugs using the appropriate method (made with Ghiordes knots, flat knots, etc.) or to produce extremely luxurious contemporary rugs whose painstaking execution opens an infinite number of creative possibilities (for private homes, luxury hotels, etc.).

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Prestigious places
Contract projects, moderate passageway use
For certain projects with moderate foot traffic, such as in hotel rooms and suites, and hotel boutiques, we propose a Wilton mechanical weave and carded or semi-combed wool to bring out the refinement and sheen of velvet.

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Contract projects, moderate passageway use
Contract projects, intensive passageway use
Retail stores, lobbies, hallways, hotel stairways, restaurants, casinos and offices are public areas that require appropriate compositions and materials. Axminister weaving on a loom is generally recommended for making carpeting that is both very creative and highly wear-resistant.

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Contract projects, intensive passageway use


A rug is created through an alchemy of various elements that involves choice of design, associated material(s), coloring and finishing. Our teams can advise you according to the specificity of each project.

Depending on the desired decorative effect, intended use and setting, our design office will provide guidance and recommend the most appropriate technique. Whether manual or mechanical, artisanal or industrial, the composition qualities and types can be adjusted in terms of weight, thickness, yarn count, knot type and finish.
Pierre Frey has always emphasized the importance of color. Providing a source of creative expression, the palette proposed must be multiple, nuanced, subtle, broad and appropriate for the material. We have developed 600 shades of wool and 120 shades of silk to enhance each new creation.
Our stylists make the most of each material according to the desired effect. Wool offers natural resistance, resilience, insulation and comfort. Natural or plant silk offers more shine, softness and sophistication. Linen gives a more rustic touch. Certain water-resistant and light-resistant fibers are ideal for outdoor use
Pierre Frey assists in the care of your rugs by offering a stain-proofing treatment, on request, for better protection of the fibers from dust and spotting, as well as an antibacterial treatment and an anti-static treatment.


Pierre Frey has a unique international design library. The heritage archives, which include the Braquenié, Le Manach, Fadini Borghi, Boussac and Pierre Frey archives, comprise 25,000 documents ranging from the 16th century to the present.

Motifs from "Toile de Tours" fabrics by Le Manach
Braquenié archive
Pierre Frey contemporary creation

Creating a tailored project

Choice of design

According to your wishes, our stylists can provide support and guide you through an extensive library of contemporary designs, use archive documents to reinterpret an old design or create a new design.

The brief

A dedicated project manager will go over your ideas with you, define the context and provide advice. The project manager is a technical expert who will supervise development and take into consideration project constraints, style and creation of the rug, while keeping in mind budget imperatives and deadlines.

Simulations and settings

Our design office will propose simulations of motifs and colors, adapting them to the setting for optimal visualization.


Your project manager follows the development of the simulation samples to compare designs and colors with the actual environment.


Once the sample is approved, production can go ahead. Manufacturing takes from two to four months depending on the technique chosen.

Delivery and installation

After inspection, the rug is packed and shipped according to your instructions. We can can recommend someone from our network of installation partners to ensure a perfect installation.

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