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The Studio

Step-by-step, in a warm, intimate atmosphere, the collections are drawn, take form and come to life with a single purpose: creating, astonishing and seducing.

An inspired house

"Creating means being bold!"

Chairman and Artistic Director Patrick Frey is an experienced orchestra conductor who surrounds himself with strong personalities who share the same values. With his insatiable curiosity, he owes his success to his impressive capacity to multiply creative proposals, and constantly renew his style while respecting a strong DNA, that of the motif and color.

A cohesive free-spirited team

"Let’s turn our differences into an asset!"

The 8 designers of Maison Pierre Frey have a common objective to imagine and create all the collections, each with their own hands, eyes and sensitivity. Together, they tell the same story and convey the enthusiasm of a passionate Artistic Director.


The creative process


Everything can be a source of inspiration—the street, a market, a garment, an exhibition, a trip, an encounter, etc. Step-by-step, the designers each compose their own story and convey the atmosphere, colors and angle from which they imagine telling it. 

The motifs of a collection

Or the art of finding the right dose and achieving a balance between the motifs that bring strength and character, the interplay of stripes, a rhythm, along with palettes of plain and semi-plain colors as a breathing space. The most appropriate technique must then be chosen to highlight the weave, print, embroidery, embossing, moiré, etc.


The story moves on to the choice of the material which sublimates the spirit of each creation. The choice is immense (cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc.) and crucial in terms of the quality of the fibers and thickness and specificity of the threads.


As the House’s genuine DNA, the colorway is the ultimate touch provided by the keen eyes of the designers who select a chromatic range in keeping with the original inspiration and adapt it to the different fibers and materials with boldness and elegance.


With a deep attachment to art and artists, Pierre Frey creates the conditions for constant interchange between the Studio and the outside world. Driven by a desire to challenge established codes and bring additional dynamism to the creations, his choices are bold and definitely place the House in step with the modern world.


It starts with an idea, a theme, and then an inspirational picture to convey the sought-after atmospheres, the possible illustrations, and the natural reflection of the fabric collections based on the same theme. 


The designers build their collections through personal creations, works ordered from artists, or by reinterpreting ancient documents. They photograph each work and digitize them to get the designs to match and work on their visual balance once on the wall.


Non-woven backing, vinyl, puff inks, digital printing, cylinder printing or flat frames—the right match between the backing and the printing technique is essential to sublimate the design.


Once the backing has been defined, the designers break down the design and work on the chromatic range with a digital palette. The final effect of the hues will depend on their sensitivity, fine-tuned at the time of production during a final manual process in the workshops.


Driven by a desire to challenge established codes and follow the example of boldness imparted by his father, Pierre Frey is the key person in all collaborations implemented by the House. 


Fully dedicated to custom-made creations, the designers delve into the themes submitted to the Studio as creative pretexts to adapt or reinterpret certain motifs and demonstrate their know-how.


Depending on the theme, the period to which it refers, or the spirit it conveys, the designers adapt the rug-making technique and play with the different effects and aspects of hand-knotting, tufting, flat weave, Wilton or Axminister weaves, etc.


In addition to this technique, the designers play with the materials and emphasize the lines and style effect: the warmth and comfort of wool, the sophistication of silk, the rustic tone of linen or jute, the balance of cotton, the resistance of fibers suited to outdoor use.


The designers compose their colorways with a palette of 600 hues of wool and 120 hues of silk with bright or delicate shades, carefully designed to sublimate each creation


Deeply attached to art and artists, Pierre Frey has signed several collaborations, including with Louise Bourgoin, Marcel Wanders, and Dimore Studio.


Whether of classic or contemporary design, Pierre Frey develops an upholstered seating range with timeless forms. As the custodian of hundreds of drawings from the René Prou heritage and from designers with whom Pierre Frey has worked, the House has a rich source of inspiration, elegance and boldness.

Design office

The designers draw models free-hand, trace dimensional drawings, and do 3D computer simulations.


Located in the heart of Europe’s largest beech forest, the Pierre Frey workshop mainly uses beechwood for the production of its collections. On request, the team can choose and work with other woods; oak, ash, walnut, mahogany, rosewood, teak, etc.


Having acquired one of France’s oldest manufacturing workshops, Pierre Frey can rely on its valuable expertise. The woodworkers select the woods, cut it and assemble the furniture. The couturiers and upholsterers focus on comfort and aesthetics when they cover the seats.


Like in the House’s other lines of work, Pierre Frey creates the conditions for constant interchange between the Studio and the outside world, in order to seize new collaboration opportunities. 


Discover all the know-how that the Maison Pierre Frey strives to promote through all its creations.