Also known as the artist "Wolffia Inc", Emily Jackson seduces the Maison Pierre Frey design studio with her dynamically shaped paintings and vivid, multi-textured flat tints of colour.


Her compositions are made up of successive layers of acrylic paint and oil pastel. Her strokes are opaque or transparent, matt or glossy, smooth or raised.
Working instinctively, the artist explores all the possibilities of expression offered by shapes, colours and motifs, and her radiant canvases radiate with a communicative energy and strength of character that the artist is proud of.


The design studio commissioned her to create a special work, designed to be matched to the creative requirements of a fabric or wallpaper.

One of the highlights of the CARNET DE VOYAGE collection, Emily Jackson's work has been reinterpreted by Pierre Frey's design studio in wallpaper and fabric.


The wallpaper is trompe l'oeil. It retains the scale of the painting, and the glossy effect of the paper reproduces its original varnished appearance.

The fabric, on the other hand, does away with the size of the motifs and materials, and conveys the emotion and strength of the design through spectacular hand embroidery in a profusion of wool stitches in multiple thicknesses.


It's amusing to note that, despite their opposing interpretations of the work, the fabric and wallpaper designers in Pierre Frey's studio echo, in their own way, the dynamism and freedom of the designer's work.