Thorp of London, an exceptional artisanal mastery




At Thorp of London there is a team of young craftsmen who are reviving the age-old art of screen printing. With skillful hands and boundless passion, they apply their expertise to create exceptional fabrics and wallpapers, turning each pattern into a reality.

Behind each creation, the hand

For Marcello, Nicole and Jordan, each color application and precise action is a form of dialogue with the material. Every ground has its own character and sensitivity. Every color is assigned a screen, used like a stencil that constructs the design. Each pattern is assigned a squeegee, a tool that is soft or hard which allows the paint to be drawn across the frame. The angle and pressure used in pulling the squeegee plays a crucial role in capturing the detail and quality of the print.


The craftsmen prepare the printing table with care, adjust the ground for printing, and then the ballet of screens begins, respecting the drying time of the paint. The hands secure, glide, lift, print, and touch.

Reviving traditional handcrafted printing

Every attention to detail reveals the passion of these young craftsmen, awakened by their admiration for the beauty and complexity of handcrafted printing. Driven by a deep desire to preserve and revitalize a traditional craft that might otherwise disappear. They are on a quest for authenticity in a world where mass production predominates, seeking to establish a more personal and meaningful connection with the fabrics and wallpapers of your interiors.

A myriad of materials and colors

The choice of base material is crucial in the creative process. Thorp of London offers 31 diverse grounds, each with its own texture and feel. From smooth silk to rustic linen or jute, each material brings a unique character to the prints, altering their appearance significantly.


A color chart of over 460 shades has been created through a demanding process, where each new shade is the result of repeated experimentation, subtle adjustments, and rigorous quality control.


The Thorp of London studio has edited patterns, colours and grounds to create a first collection of 360 designs divided by style in a resolutely English decorative spirit: simple or exuberant, sensitive or audacious, classic or eccentric.

Thorp of London also offers the possibility to customize and create your own design using a library of 95 drawings, a palette of 460 colors, and a range of 31 printing materials.

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