The ANNIVERSAIRE 1823 – 2023 collection includes 8 panoramic designs, comprising of 1 to 3 drops and can repeat infinitely in width or placed side by side.


The wallpapers from the collection, chosen from our most beautiful archives, are treated in various scales, techniques and printing supports, from panoramic to narrow width rolls.


The walls are adorned with panels, inspired by the most beautiful voiles de Gênes or Indian palempores. They are either printed on non-woven fabric, or woven or embroidered and then laminated.


The refinement of the most precious archives is delicately restored by traditional hand screen printing. The most colorful references are printed digitally on silk or cotton, in a search for a balance between fantasy and historical authenticity. 


Famous document from Braquenié, LES ARCADES ALBERTINE reproduces an Indo-Persian panel originally printed and painted in India in the 18th century. This panoramic wallpaper is printed on a raw silk with a handmade weave.


Panel depicting a tree-of-life design on a flowering mound populated by three animals: a giraffe, a deer and a lion. The original voile de Gênes, preserved in the Maison's archives, was printed with the block printing technique on a fine cotton canvas in the 19th century. It is modernized here with verdigris colors inspired by greenery and printed on a laminated linen voile.


This panoramic reproduces an Indian prayer rug dating from the early 19th century. This painted and printed design features a mihrab motif with floral borders. Printed on linen laminated on non-woven backing, this wallpaper is also connectable.


Refined decoration with the tree of life placed on a mound with various scales and populated with animals. The archive, a «mezzaro» or «voile de Gênes» preserved in the Maison's archives, is a panel printed with the block printing technique on a fine cotton canvas in Italy during the 19th century. It is offered here in blue and red tones and printed on a real silk with a slightly glossy appearance. A floral border frames the main design.


Spectacular panoramic reproducing a kalemkar printed with the block printing technique on a cotton canvas dating from the nineteenth century and kept in the Maison's archives. Printed in relief, with a glossy effect reminiscent of henna drawings.


This panel reproduces an Indian palempore with a tree of life motif that was very popular in the late 17th and 18th centuries in European interiors. It is printed here on a quality non-woven fabric with a satin effect.


Delightful panel representing a cypress tree placed on a mound decorated with peacocks and many other birds. The original kalemkar, painted and printed in the 19th century in India, is kept in the Maison's archives.


Contemporary and pearly reinterpretation of an 18th century Indian tree of life. This panoramic wallpaper on non-woven fabric is woven with slightly shiny twisted threads, catching the light for a delicate iridescent tone on tone effect.

Embroidered wallcoverings

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Maison Braquenié, Pierre Frey’s design studio is launching for the first time wall coverings delicately embroidered on linen or cotton twill. A true technical feat, the spectacular Parvati, composed of a decoration of branches and birds in a multitude of different stitches, the delicate Tendresse flower sowing, the charming Palmier de Comoglio and other exotic plants finely embroidered with Coulonges, can be matched in an all-over design with their coordinated fabrics.