On the occasion of the bicentenary of the deciphering of the hieroglyphs by Champollion (1822), the father of Egyptology and founder of the Egyptian Antiquities Department of the Louvre Museum (1827), Pierre Frey is unveiling "Wonders of Egypt", a new collection of fabrics, wallpapers and carpets, full of colour and rich in motifs. Among these new items, eight references are the result of a completely new collaboration with the Louvre Museum in Paris. 


The works in the museum's Department of Egyptian Antiquities illustrate the evolution of civilisation on the banks of the Nile from the end of prehistoric times to the Christian era. The richness of this collection, which has never ceased to fascinate scientists, historians and artists, now fascinates the Maison Pierre Frey.


Following meticulous research, eight works have been selected from the seven thousand on display in the Egyptian Antiquities Gallery. Between faithful reproductions and free inspiration, the creative team of the Pierre Frey House was keen to respect the authenticity of these works while bringing a contemporary and graphic interpretation, guided by three fundamental aspects: colour, material and geometry.





The creative team's approach is based on absolute respect for the colours of the original object. The colours are thus calm and poetic, faded and muted by time, as we can see them today in the Louvre Museum, or declined in bright, strong and rich colours as they were originally intended to be, celebrating an Egypt of a thousand joyful hues.




The design studio has carried out extensive research on materials to bring movement, texture and character to the collection. 3D printing offers a faithful reproduction of the relief and details of the frescoes and hieroglyphs. Pushed to its limits thanks to a play of matte and metallic lights, this technique brilliantly retranscribes the repoussage work used by the craftsmen of the New Kingdom. The raffia echoes the papyrus of the Nile, the jacquards evoke the weaving of basketry, the Genoa velvets shine like the facets of a luxurious jewel, while the richness of the embroidery pays homage to the creation and know-how of the craftsmen of ancient Egypt.




The archives of Egyptian civilisation display a variety of recurring motifs. To represent this geometry in the collection's designs, the designers carefully examined every detail of the works in order to tame them while injecting a touch of Pierre Frey DNA. This geometric character is particularly apparent in the stripe inspired by the lid of an Egyptian coffin, freely evoking the fabulous finery of the pharaohs.