Episode 4 #GuestTalents: VIRGULE LINE by Christophe Delcourt


"I like long-lasting things and the elements of conviviality."



Who is Christophe Delcourt? What did he design for Pierre Frey? 


Self-taught, Christophe Delcourt defines himself as a craftsman. He designs each of his creations by adapting his work to the know-how of the workshop that will produce it, integrating technical constraints and enhancing the gestures. 
The Virgule line is a set of modular furniture: assembled or detached, the pieces punctuate the space according to your desires. The comma-shaped cut-out of the seat, a link between all the furniture, contrasts with the classic and taut lines of the exterior to adapt to all morphologies and all ways of sitting. 

Designer's words

How did you collaborate with Pierre Frey's design studio? 

Pierre Frey's furniture workshop is characterized by traditional manufacturing and upholstery. ln all collaborations, I always try to adapt my creations to the know-how of each workshop. I had to create a collection that fits to this type of conception, in opposition to more industrial processes, or models in series. 

At first I work with 3D plans which are taken over by Pierre Frey's design office. According to its specifications, the design office makes its owns adjustments and optimizes comfort and aesthetics. 

Pierre Frey's workshop brings together all the skills needed to create a piece of furniture. lt facilitates the process and guarantees great autonomy. Custom work based on singular know-how, is a particularity of Pierre Frey which is totally in line with my vision and is also part of my DNA. 


What are your artistic specificities? 

I like long-lasting things and the elements of conviviality: the table, around which we gather, the seats that go around and allow us to see each other, to communicate. These two pieces inspire me the most. I am sensitive to feminine, sensual lines, curves and sculptural lines inspired by art. 


What is your favorite material? 

My favorite material is wood. lt is a noble, natural and unique material that allows construction. With wood you can build a house as well as a piece of furniture. lt can be worked in its raw state but is also suitable for all kinds of finishes. Starting from a wooden structure is a huge advantage to work with ease on rounded shapes and on straight ones. lt brings a great flexibility of manufacture and is ideal to offer a range of models, to adapt them to the wishes of the decorators or the customers and to make them unique. 

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