New Furniture Collections


An editor’s role

By reinterpreting its role of editor-manufacturer, Pierre Frey has invited several designers to create new collections, whose functional, design and modular lines respond to new lifestyles. The work is collaborative from the first drawing to the final piece, with a common ambition: to create, innovate and surprise. The invited talents bring their visions, ideas and styles; Pierre Frey directs their creativity towards its collections.



Guest talents: 3 major collections 

am Baron, Constance Guisset, Guillaume Delvigne, Christophe Delcourt, David&Nicolas, Daniel Rous, Zanellato Bortotto and many other designers organize and structure their designs to compose three major collections that reflect the values of Pierre Frey.

The Icone collection

The Icone collection highlights a series of unique pieces with a strong sculptural impact. The focus is on the image, the presence of forms and the formidable support they represent to highlight the fabrics of the Maison Pierre Frey. The collection brings together the Maison’s desire to surprise and innovate and offers modern, daring and spectacular pieces in a sensual comfort and aesthetic. 

The Signature collection

The Signature collection offers pieces that are both timeless and contemporary. The shapes are created in a minimal design with a focus on use and comfort. The lines are graphic and modern, a distinctive French look where elegance and craftsmanship meet the promise of a comfortable luxury.

The Heritage collection

The Heritage collection offers pieces that refer to the French furniture heritage with «stylish» lines. Inspired by different eras, historic references are revisited to design furniture that echo tradition and modernity. All pieces emphasize the permanent concern for detail, the value of know-how and the sophistication of French historical design.