Ken Fulk for Pierre Frey


Ken Fulk is an American designer renowned for his opulent, layered interiors and over-the-top events.  Whatever the project is, the result is always a combination of fantasy and elegance.  Like a magician, he pushes the boundaries of possibility, making every dream come true.


Here in answer to our questions he shares a bit about himself and his sources of inspiration.


Why and how did you become a decorator?


Quite by accident! I have always loved fashion and style, and in the 1990s I was writinig an original childrens series when a friend asked me to help furnish her home. That friend led to others, and soon I was helping outfit the most magnificent mansions in San Francisco. As a student of history, the thrill of revitalizing these grand homes was intoxicating and creating this type of transportive experience eventually became my speciality. 


Why did you name your office the Magic Factory? 


It alwaays seemed a misnomer to call ourselves a ‘design studio’ or ‘creative agency’ because what we do is so much more than just create and build. We produce what to others may seem impossible—an otherworldly wedding for 300 in a remote redwood grove, an 11,000SF mansion custom outfitted down to the stocked refrigerator in seven weeks time, a gut remodel of a Dassault Falcon inspired by an pair of driving gloves—and our goal is to make it look effortless.


Your wallpapers and fabrics, with their mix of fantasy, surrealism and classicism make us think immediatly of Charles de Beistegui or the café society during the 5O’S ?  Are these influences conscious or not at all ? 


Oh yes, the world is a pastiche of references these days and there is plenty of genius influence to go  around. My classical references often go back to Palladio and Jefferson’s Monticello in my native Virginia. The inspiration behind the surrealism and fantasy comes from Fornasetti, Tony Duquette and most notably in the collection, the infamous Surrealist Ball hosted by Salvador Dali. 


In a few words, can you describe for us your vision for the work you do and the decors you create? 

To make every moment matter by bringing art, beauty and tactile traditions back to the forefront of our daily lives.

Designs by Ken Fulk for Pierre Frey

Pierre introduces Ken Fulk to the Pierre Frey studio, which immediately rebounds on the universe of this sunny personality. Together, they developed 3 collections of fabrics, wallpapers and rugs. Declined in the manner of a dreamy pastiche, they play with the mix of eras and cultures. The motifs celebrate neoclassical or brutalist architecture, gardens and landscapes, canine portraits and make reference to illusionist works or surrealist parties. Conceived as a collage of colors, textures and fantasies, the fabric collection "THE SURREAL WORLD" present a cheeky sophistication... like a new golden age of decoration.