OFFSCREEN: LA. M. Studio and Pierre Frey celebrate art and light at the Garage Haussmann.

Paris gave the whole world the chance to vibrate to the rhythm of art and design at the second edition of the OFFSCREEN event.


Collectors and art lovers were able to discover this new artistic scene, which continues to explore the static and moving image. Major works by 25 historic and contemporary artists were brought together on the eight floors of the grand Garage Haussmann.


OFFSCREEN chose to invite interior architect, designer and scenographer Léonie Alma Mason, founder of LA.M Studio, to decorate this monumental space behind the astonishing Art Deco façade of this quintessentially brutalist and unusual venue, with the support of Maison Pierre Frey.


For this project, Léonie Alma Mason wanted to focus on light, the first essential material in photography, which is at the heart of the show's DNA.

The primary light, that of the sun and fire, evokes a palette of shades of pink, orange and red. It is reflected in the plain and semi-plain fabrics chosen from the Pierre Frey collections. The fabrics dress the seats, specially designed by the LA. M. studio and punctuate the visit with touches of colour throughout the floors. 


The variety of textures and shades interacts with the light and contrasts with the monochrome, rough concrete. Like genuine hyphens, the fabrics define the space, creating visual contrasts and highlighting the photographic works on display.