Villa Grecco

Los Angeles, USA

Tiffany Howell

Like a scene out of a film, this home, which you might imagine nestled in the European countryside, is in fact a Mediterranean villa built in the 1930s in the historic Hancock Park district of Los Angeles. Owned by a couple of television and film scriptwriters, the designer Tiffany Howell in charge of the project has turned Villa Grecco into a source of inspiration for its occupants. 


Fabrics, Wallpapers

Striking a subtle balance between timeless aesthetics and modernity, each room in the house responds to a palette of subdued colours. These create a seductive and romantic atmosphere, as in the main reception room, where the range of warm colours evokes a feeling of embrace. On the wall, we find the textured wallpaper AU BORD DU LAC by Maison Pierre Frey, whose decor, reminiscent of 17th-century greenery, envelops the room and gives the illusion of being on the edge of a forest. A little further on, the reading room emanates a familiar charm thanks to its wooden floor and velvet sofa, which blend perfectly with the plant motif of FONTAINEBLEAU linen adorning a club armchair and footstool placed at the heart of the room, accentuating the rustic character of this space.

Photo credit - Pablo Enriquez 


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