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Playing with combinations between the patterns and colours of the textiles in the same collection, Pierre Frey offers a line of cushions with a bold and inspired personality.

All the Accessories

45 Available models
F3448COU050SUL Parbat cushion
F3451COU050ROU Ankara cushion
F3453COU030NOI Tabriz cushion
F3457COU030EME Yozgat cushion
F3465COU030VER Taurus cushion
F0007SENFIG Figuier de sicile candle
Pierre Frey
F0007SENIZM Izmir candle
Pierre Frey
F0007SENMAR Marie-antoinette candle
Pierre Frey
F0007SENTRO Fleur de troene candle
Pierre Frey
B7636PLT001001 Les rizieres de shangbao tray Multicolore
BP328PLT001001 La comedie tray Noir
BP330PLT001001 La pannonie tray Original
F2954PLT001001 Carriacou tray Multicolore
Pierre Frey
F2977PLT001001 Arty tray Multicolore
Pierre Frey
F2979PLT001001 Bagan tray Multicolore
Pierre Frey
F3080PLT001001 Cuilko tray Amazone
Pierre Frey
F3086PLT001001 Pampa tray Multicolore
Pierre Frey
F3214PLT001001 Bonsai tray Pistache
Pierre Frey
F3215PLT001001 Heather tray Tutti Frutti
Pierre Frey
F3368PLT001001 Pachira tray Petrole
Pierre Frey
FP537PLT001001 Adamas tray Aqua
Pierre Frey